• May 15, 2024
  • Shahrak Gharb, Tehran, IR

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At Dahi Bondad Group and its affiliated companies, we're engaged in diverse activities and continuously expanding our operations. We're on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals who can join us in our journey to grow together. If you believe you can contribute to our shared vision of creating a better future, we're eager to hear from you.

To get in touch, please fill out the form below. We'll reach out to you promptly. Additionally, you can find our job listings on the following recruitment websites.


Different engineering fields such as chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, environment, and other engineering fields.


Experienced in or intrigued by sales and the supply of industrial equipment, this position is tailored to engineers with a keen interest in business.

Business Administration

Individuals with a background in managing diverse processes within EPC and trading companies, particularly in industries aligned with our field of operation.

Strategy & Planning

Professionals with a proven track record in business planning, strategy development, and business analysis, capable of shaping company strategies


This role necessitates marketing and content proficiencies, encompassing skills like graphic design, content writing, video production, and social media expertise, etc.


Individuals possessing education and expertise in finance or law, aligned with the operational domains, to assume responsibilities within the finance unit.

Human Resources

Enthusiasts of human resource management and individuals inclined towards administrative duties within the domain of human resources.

Systems and procedures

Devise and execute comprehensive systems and protocols across the entire group, encompassing areas such as CRM, while also overseeing project control.

Other Fields

If your skills aren't covered in the roles mentioned, but you see potential for collaboration, please share your resume with us.

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