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Dahi Bondad Tejarat serves as the commercial subsidiary of Dahi Bondad Group, responsible for managing trading and procurement activities. Drawing from over a decade of invaluable experience gained through numerous successful projects, Dahi Bondad Tejarat plays a significant role in the supply of equipment for various industries and projects. The company prides itself on its specialized departments and offers engineering consultation services to its clients, facilitating the selection of appropriate equipment tailored to meet each client's specific requirements before any investment is made.

Providing Professional Services

The company's specialized departments include:

Dahi Bondad Tejarat has dedicated departments, each handling a specific range of equipment or materials, led by experienced professionals with expertise in their respective fields. This enables us to provide customized solutions that precisely meet our client's needs.

Rotary Department

Providing rotary equipment for different industries.

Instrumentation Department

Providing different instrumentations for markets that we serve.

Environment Department

Providing equipment and process packages for environmental section.

Chemicals & Commodity Department

Raw materials and chemicals for different industries.
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Unique capabilities of this company

Global Sourcing

Leveraging our strong relationships with European manufacturers, we offer a diverse range of raw materials and equipment. With a global network of over 30 manufacturers, we ensure reliable supplies from renowned sources.

Procurement Management

From engineering consultation to commercial affairs, we seamlessly manage all aspects of equipment procurement. Our expertise enables efficient processes and successful outcomes.

Smart Solutions

Our ability to procure advanced technology allows us to deliver tailored processing packages that meet our clients' needs precisely. We provide innovative solutions to stay at the forefront of industry advancements.