• April 12, 2024
  • Shahrak Gharb, Tehran, IR


Our Services

Dahi Bondad Group is dedicated to offering comprehensive service packages across various industries. Our approach enhances agility, leverages specialized knowledge, and eases our clients' concerns. With this well-rounded approach, we aim to make operations smooth and provide excellent client satisfaction.

A subset of our services encompasses:
Our Services


At Dahi Bondad Group, engineering excellence is at the heart of our operations, enabling us to provide innovative, effective, and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Engineering is fundamental to our operations at Dahi Bondad Group, a collection of EPC companies. Within the different branches of Dahi Bondad Group involved in engineering, we have specialized engineering teams with experts in their fields. Our engineering services are provided through the following channels:

Front-End Engineering Design (FEED):

This encompasses scope definition, resource planning and strategies, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, as well as conceptual design, among other aspects.

Basic and Detailed Engineering:

We provide comprehensive support, covering both foundational and intricate engineering requirements.

Research and Development:

Our commitment to innovation drives us to explore new ideas, technologies, and solutions. This pursuit of innovative concepts has the potential to yield groundbreaking advancements across diverse fields.

Project Management:

We excel in project management, encompassing coordination, resource allocation, budget oversight, timeline management, and on-site supervision during construction. Our capabilities extend to delivering turnkey projects.

Consulting Services:

Our multifaceted consulting services address a variety of aspects to ensure the delivery of optimal solutions to our clients, reflecting our commitment to excellence.
Our Services

Trading and Procurement

With over twenty years of experience, Dahi Bondad Group and its subsidiary companies excel in acquiring equipment for a variety of industries. We specialize in sourcing industrial equipment from reputable manufacturers worldwide, with a particular focus on those based in Europe.

Our subsidiary experts have the knowledge to understand client needs and recommend suitable suppliers. What makes us unique is our thorough oversight of the entire sales process to ensure the best outcomes. We handle price negotiations, issue purchase orders, manage contracts, handle invoicing, oversee payments, and inspect equipment upon delivery. This comprehensive approach guarantees a smooth experience for our clients.

To maintain the quality of equipment provided by Dahi Bondad Group, we offer extensive warranties for all acquired equipment. Additionally, we conduct rigorous evaluations of our partner manufacturers’ performance, fostering strong supplier relationships and ensuring outstanding after-sales service.

Our Services

Technical and After-Sales Services

At Dahi Bondad Group, our commitment to service doesn’t conclude with the completion of a sale. We extend our dedication through comprehensive after-sales and technical services, encompassing both our offerings and products. Our after-sales services comprise:

Customer Support:

We remain steadfast in addressing ongoing needs, encompassing inquiries, concerns, and issues.

Warranty, Returns, or Replacements:

We ensure seamless processes for warranty claims, returns, or product replacements.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting:

We provide expert assistance in maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair activities.

Upgrades and Uprates:

We keep clients informed about the latest updates pertaining to their acquired technology, facilitating upgrades and enhancements.

Procurement Support:

We assist in sourcing spare parts and complementary products, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Surveys and Follow-ups:

We conduct surveys and follow-ups to gauge client satisfaction, identifying issues and concerns that contribute to ongoing improvement in the quality of both our products and services.
Our Services


To support the growth of manufacturing in the Middle East region, Dahi Bondad Group expedites equipment procurement at competitive prices through our in-house fabrication capabilities. We have licensed agreements with well-known manufacturers to produce specific equipment, ensuring both quality and speed.

Each piece of equipment produced by Dahi Bondad Group comes with a guarantee and comprehensive after-sales support. This commitment is designed to address any concerns and demonstrate our commitment to client satisfaction. Your trust in our fabricated equipment is of utmost importance to us.

Our Services


Training is a fundamental part of Dahi Bondad Group’s philosophy. In line with current trends in technical fields, engineering, personal development, business strategies, trading dynamics, and international trade protocols, we offer a wide range of educational services.
These services are tailored to different categories:

Employee Development:

Our workforce partakes in periodic training encompassing general subjects, self-enhancement, as well as role-specific and task-related courses. This commitment to learning cultivates well-rounded and proficient professionals.

Technical Expertise Enhancement:

Our technical personnel and engineers engage in annual technical and engineering courses, frequently sourced from eminent manufacturers and global academies. These international courses are pivotal for honing expertise and staying abreast of advancements.

Client-Oriented Training:

We offer training services tailored to client requirements. Operators engaged with specific equipment, processes, or technologies receive instruction. These sessions, overseen by our certified professionals, often include international certifications. On client demand, we can arrange external international training courses.