Sustainable Energies
Dahi Bondad Group is one of the pioneers of implementing sustainable energies in the middle east. In this field, our experts are capable of running EPC projects using sustainable energy for a variety of situations.

Our services for Sustainable Energies: 

Hydroelectric power plants

As the Dahi Bondad Group has experienced and specialized staff in the fields of engineering, procurement, construction, and management of hydroelectric and industrial power plants, all the projects that are undertaken by the Group can be easily designed, installed, and delivered as a stand-by power plant/ factory. 

The followings are Dahi Bondad Group’s activities regarding the production of different hydroelectric power plants:

Wave Energy

Thanks to the mechanical energy generated by the motion of the waves, it is possible to generate electricity by the use of special water turbines. One of the advantages of power generation by wave energy is uninterrupted power generation. This energy source has the following characteristics:

Solar Energy

In terms of energy production from renewable sources, the Dahi Bondad Group has concentrated on one of the most efficient sources of energy which is obtained from the most readily available and most suitable energy source, the sun. The exploitation of solar energy for generating off-grid and on-grid electricity is done in several ways. Dahi Bondad Group can provide the necessary equipment and build a power plant by relying on the project engineering process and reviewing information and data to provide the most appropriate, optimal, and economical source based on its clients’ needs.

Concentrated Solar-thermal Power (CSP)

Dahi Bondad Group specializes in Concentrated Solar-Thermal Power (CSP), the operation of which is based on the reflection of sunlight and focusing on a collector to provide the heat needed to evaporate the liquid, often water. Then hot steam is used to spin the turbine or move the reciprocating motor piston and in practice, the mechanical actuator rotates the electrical actuator to generate electricity.


Molten salt heat storage

The biggest weakness of the solar thermal system is energy storage which is solved by heat storage using molten salt. The solar thermal system works based on two technologies:

Central tower: focusing the reflection of mirror light on the central collector tower

Parabolic trough: in this method, parabolic mirrors (concave), with a tube containing heat transfer oil in the center, are heated by concentrating the heat on the oil tube, evaporating water inside the channels and pipes, and are transmitted directly to the turbine or engine.

Solar energy (photoelectric)

Dahi Bondad Group operates in the field of electricity generation directly from the sun. PV (Photovoltaics) is utilizing fixed or mobile collectors to absorb sunlight and convert it directly into electricity for storing electrical energy through the hydrogen tank and battery energy storage system (BESS).

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